What is the SCI?

The SCI is a community driven effort to make the Vine and Edison neighborhoods optimal places to live and invest. The SCI is supported by leaders of every economic sector. For-profit, non-profit, educational, municipal, and philanthropic organizations are all taking a seat at the table.

The goal of the SCI is to create a strategy for community leaders to collaboratively deploy resources in such a way that Kalamazoo residents have an increased ability to access healthful surroundings, a quality education, and economic opportunity. Investing in healthy, educated, and economically stable residents in Kalamazoo is the only way to ensure that there will be a community to support your business in the future.

Join us:

To learn more about the Sustainable Communities Initiative, contact James Valeii by email or call 269.349.8463. You can also, find us on facebook, or follow us on twitter @EdisonVineSCI.

Early Win

Through the SCI partnership. The VNA has been able to create two programs for the neighborhood.

Spirit of Ilithyia

The VNA is also collaborating with local birth services worker Kathi Valeii, of Spirit of Ilithyia Birth Services to offer a scholarship for Birth Education Classes and Birth Doula Services to residents of the Vine Neighborhood. Visit Spirit of Ilithyia's website for more information.

"The Bike Depot"

The Depot is an installation that features a Dero Bike Fixit Center, bike racks by Open Roads Bike, and a mural by local artis Chafe Hensley is currently under construction. The expected date of completion is November 15, 2012.

The concept of the "Bike Depot" was originally conceived by grant recipient Bridget Dooley of T.O.A.D. Bicycle Cooperative.

bike depot